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Vision and Mission

The global village entrusts abundant wealth with those believe in the vitality of local knowledge, sustainable earning and social responsibilities.



Revitalise under-utilised estate resources that meet community needs
Leverage Power Team to provide and maintain high-standard properties
Drive high-yielding and cash-flowing projects with prudent investing strategies
Connect such opportunities to investors who share the Glocal mission

New builds can cost up to 20% more than a similar existing property. Many new construction neighborhoods and developments are also built far from necessary destinations like schools, supermarkets and shopping centers. Quite often, they are built on smaller lots than most older homes. With such limitations, they are less preferable to many tenants and buyers.

Our Team

Kenneth K., Sorn H., and Victor T., Founding Directors of the companies, are professional property investors and members of an internationally-renowned real estate education alliance.

Our Power Team consists of nationally accredited accountants, solicitors, architects, surveyors, finance brokers, insurance brokers, sourcing agents, estate agents, letting agents, and builders.


Glocal proactively looks for income-generating property projects and manages the process with the local Power Team. It also wraps a portfolio of property assets, which provides investors with tax efficiency and legal protection.

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Investing Practice

At Glocal, we ensure that

Money is invested in good hands
Careful demand testing, ROI simulations and unitary development analysis
Property investing is hassle-free
Conscientious project and property management by Glocal Power Team
Status updates are timely
Monthly project status update and financial report via email

The core value of Glocal is to provide hassle-free investment projects yet timely updates to investors. Active involvement from investors is basically not needed.

Investing Areas

Glocal continuously searches for promising property markets that possess all favourable drives.

In 2019, we have placed most of the emphasis on the rental property market of the United Kingdom (UK). We consider every challenge facing the UK nowadays a promising opportunity for investors who are after the cashflow (buy and hold) strategy.


With a discreet study to facts, figures and forecasts, the nation has demonstrated factors in nourishing an appealing rental market:


Steady Economic Growth

Significant Property Value

Increasing Housing Demand

Sound Legal Framework

Virtuous Financial System

Steady Economic Growth

Significant Property Value

Increasing Housing Demand

Sound Legal Framework

Virtuous Financial System


A rigorous selection of areas which fit in the right investing strategy is crucial. We have been proactively sourcing opportunities from specific regions of England.

Glocal PI England Map

UBS Global Real Estate Bubble Index 2017 identified London as one of the cities possessing the highest bubble risk. London's high price-to-rent ratio implies the difficulty in achieving positive cashflow from property investing.

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